Amanda McCavour: Dissolving Fabric

Amanda McCavour’s thread drawings are created on a sewing machine,  sewn into a fabric that then dissolves in water,  leaving just thread.  The intricate, detailed textile work flows from her interest in “the vulnerability of thread,  its ability to unravel, and its strength when it is sewn together.” (Above, detail from Living Room)

During an artist-in-residence program in Dawson City, Yukon,  McCavour  replicated this turn of the century steam pump, left at the side of one of the gold rush city’s main streets.

Installation view,  from exhibition at Lonsdale Gallery

-From Fibre Quarterly

-Untitled figure, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

This piece is based on my old living room in my old apartment. I recreated many of the objects that existed in that space, chairs, side tables and other nick nacks out of thread and hung them from the ceiling so that they were layered on top of one another, mimicking the space in my old home.  Each of the objects were created on a 1 to 1 scale.  –Artist’s Website

Amanda McCavour is a Toronto-based artist with a BFA from York University where she studied drawing and installation.  Since graduating in 2007, she has participated in national and international exhibitions and has recently completed residencies at Harbourfront Centre’s Textile Studio in Toronto and at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture in Dawson City, Yukon.

Amanda McCavour’s website, here


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  1. this is the first i get a chance to take a good look at AM’s work.
    i visited her website & scrolled through the pieces. i love the studies
    with the hands & figures which seem to be working at the thread
    themselves! it’s a direct translation of the artist herself. they also give
    the feel of someone trying to peel off the layers time & age.
    the suspended ones like ‘floating garden’ really play with the shadows
    created. it looks like the shadows are in dance!
    there’s no arts&crafts feel about them either, very much fine art.


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