The Magic of Preservation

This gorgeous barn and granary complex in Walpole, N.H., is being renovated as the new home of Cynthia-Reeves New England, a contemporary gallery that clearly sees the magic in heritage preservation. High ceilings, room for large works and space for a sculpture garden. I’m a huge fan of adaptive re-use, including one of my favorite sites, the Alton Mill in the Caledon region north of Toronto.  It’s an exquisite space for studios, galleries and shops. We need many more conversions such as these. (Below:  Alton Mill)

Above: The Bartlett Gallery at the Alton Mill / Below: Dining among the ruins at Alton.

Above:  Sculpture Garden / Below: the Alton Mill at dusk

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  1. I had not heard the term adaptive-reuse, but I too love this sort of thing. Reclaimed for new use. There is a woman near here who took an old water tower/tank at the heart of one of the large suburbs and made it into her home. I always thought that was fascinating. The dining hall at Alton is amazing! I want to eat there.


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