Category: Fiber and Paper

Painterly Tapestries: Betty Wood

These large scale tapestries are at Kikospace in Toronto in the debut solo show of Betty Wood, a design writer turned fibre artist whose Instagram handle is Betty the Yarnslayer. (Above: Longest Winter, 2022. Acrylic yarn, hand-dyed natural wools and recycled cotton on monks’ cloth. 48” x 48”) […]

Justin Ming Yong – Quilts

If you are aquainted with a quilter, you will know that the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky is recognized as one of the world’s top contemporary collections. That’s where Toronto multidiscilplinary artist Justin Ming Yong has a solo exhbition this year, through August. A photographer who picked […]

Ann Wood: Paper Sculptures

Ann Wood’s paper-sculpted botanicals are superb, and she is an artisan celebrated on this blog in the past (see that extraordinary work here).  Now, it’s time to focus on her garden works, equally creative.

Quick Hits: Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto, an expert in structured fiber and paper, has a solo show in Santa Fe, New Mexico this month, with an immersive installation made of brightly colored, and intricately patterned handmade Japanese rice paper “kites.”