The Art of Soup: Campbell’s channels Andy Warhol

Labels reminiscent of the revered soup works of pop artist Andy Warhol appear on 1.2 million special-edition cans of Campbell’s condensed tomato soup at Target stores starting Sunday.

-Vintage: The famous Campbell’s soup print by Warhol initially provoked a consideration of legal action at Campbell’s before the company chiefs decided to wait and see the public’s reaction (From The Daily Mail)

The cans are in four color schemes, with famed Warhol quote such as ‘In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes.’  The red-and-white Campbell label made its debut in 1898. Significant changes to the front of the can have been made only a handful of times since then. (Read more from the Associated Press, here.)

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  1. Who cares the motivation, I think we can appreciate art in every form, even if it’s for money or to sell something…isn’t it all? Art has always been commissioned and the only difference between now and the great masters is that they were selling God…
    I do appreciate these thoughts considering that money can ruin art completely…I’m interested in this campaign….it’s fun and though I will likely fall victim to the marketing…I love that it invites EVERYONE into the art world. Isn’t that exciting?


  2. I think the cans are beautiful. I find this whole thing uplifiting, even if its about marketing more than a love for art. If it inspires everyone to up their game to keep up, then its good.


  3. I appreciate that Campbells didn’t go all legal on Warhol. I think it helped their brand, rather than did any damage myself. Love the colors and will look for the cans at Target!


      • I do agree, it is really interesting in that “mulling-over-the-meaning-of-art” kind of way – which I perversely enjoy! Plus I had a Warhol Soup can poster an eon ago! Reminds me of University days…


  4. Oh well, Warhol used Campbell’s..Campbell’s uses Warhol… sigh. It is no wonder I wallow in the Renaissance any chance I get. Still, the colours will pull in the children and substandard ingredients that pass as “food” will be sold. Limited Edition Soup. I blame Damien Hirst!! (I always blame Damien Hirst, it keeps amused…!)


    • So keep wallowing in the Renaissance. That seems to me exactly the right place to be! Interesting perspective, and right on point, since the motivation is marketing, not art.


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