Jason Holley: Chain Sculptures in Clay

Jason Holley’s raku chain sculptures are in the running for this year’s RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice awards, a competition the public decides. Vote online or at Toronto’s Gardiner Museum where the five ceramic artists are on display.  Holley, based in Newfoundland, says using clay for chainmail is tricky, requiring “a discipline and commitment I’ve not managed anywhere else in life.” (Watch him create in the video, below)


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  1. bluedragonclay

    They’re great pieces to hold, if you ever get the chance. Very cool feeling… they look so strong, like metal, but feel so light and fragile. And the rings make the best slinky-tinkly-breakable noise when they rub together.


  2. sherylmcdougald

    I love these !!! They are so incredibly beautiful, for their fragility – yet makes me think of ships and anchors.. I would buy one in a nanosecond!! I hate that he breaks them, but I understand what he is doing, and admire it! Thanks, Boomer!


        1. boomerontario

          Collect a fair bit, but have to do it through “finds.” Lots of Inuit-Cape Dorset prints. But I’m with you on this sculpture. I’d actually love to have space and funds for sculpture but that’s not on the horizon.


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