Pop Goes the Prairie

Memorial Hall

David Thauberger’s Road Trips and Other Diversions is on exhibit at the Glenbow in Calgary, with a selection of familiar prairie settings. In his vision, “the vernacular architecture of the prairies bursts with pop art iridescence.”

The work above is one of Thauberger’s most recognizable paintings. Located in Manitou Beach, Saskatchewan, Danceland has been an entertainment hub since 1928.  The exhibition (special website here) brings together 70 works created from 1971 to 2009, drawn from more than 30 public and private collections.

Way out West

“Familiar buildings like legion halls, grain elevators, diners and small town bungalows are flattened into postcard-like pictures that glow with neon colours and hyper-real skies,” the gallery notes. “Thauberger’s buildings are emblems of prairie social and community life and suggest connection and transformation in an often inhospitable prairie environment.”

Exhibition website, here.

David Thauberger’s website, here.


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