Gretel Boose: Sculpture to Sigh For

Each sculptural work of Port Perry-based artist Gretel Boose is hand built in clay, kiln fired and then assembled with other materials such as slate, silk, found objects or braced with copper. Boose says she develops spiritual stories, exploring human expressions, gestures and moods.  She is part of the Uxbridge Fall Studio Tour Sept. 15-16.

“Spiritual beings evolve as I work with earth, wood, metal and fire. My work is a whimsical reflection of life that surrounds me,” she says in her artist statement.

The website of Gretel Boose, here.

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    • Gretel – I was browsing the list of artists for this weekend’s Uxbridge Studio Tour, saw your work, loved it, and decided to do a post on you As you can see from the comments, lots of others feel the same way.


  1. Wonderful! The expression of the faces make me wonder what they are thinking! For a split second I thought they were going to come alive like Pinocchio did!


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