An Eye for Composition

I’ve posted about this young, emerging photographer before and her recent work shows just as much promise. Myles Katherine, based in Portland, Oregon, has a superb eye and a way with composition. Have a look at more of her work on Tumblr, Flickr and her Facebook. (Click on images for larger view.)

Myles Katherine is a professional photographer and painter from Lynchburg, Virginia, now based in Portland, Oregon, and a recent graduate in studio art. Her work has been featured in Photographer’s Forum Magazine’s Best of College Photography 2011, and Best of Photography 2012.  Artist’s website, here.  Bio, here.

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  1. Hey Boomer, I love reading your posts, but rarely do now as I get much less of the content visible in my inbox. (I tend to check email on my Android phone so rarely click thru to sites). I think it’s since you started using the More tag, all I see is a few lines of text. Have you tried looking at the Advanced Excerpts plugin? It means that pictures, links and formatting will be preserved in your excerpts, so I may once again be able to see at least the start of the posts properly, without having to remember to come back later when I’m on the laptop. Personally I publish without the More tag for this exact reason, and then add it in a couple of days later (altho I’m not holding myself up as a good example of blogging at all!!). I saw a good video explaination of it somewhere so let me know if you want the link 🙂


    • Hey Peter – Right on point. I’ve been going back and forth over this for some time now. I really appreciate the feedback. I’m on WP dot com, so I don’t get plug-ins (unless I”m missing something). Will consider what you’re saying. Helps to know. I’d love to get the link to the video if it’s pertinent to this. Thanks.


      • Hello again – just came back as I see your latest email starts with a photo! 🙂 I guess you figured out what to do, I completely forgot that doesn’t do plugins!! The video (somewhere on would only apply to users. Is it a setting somewhere that you found on Well done anyway, I’m already enjoying the metalwork of Kari von Wening in my inbox 😛


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