environmental art

Art of the Shed: Recycled Shelter

Installation artist Josée Dubeau collaborated on this urban alternative environment – a suspended cabin intended as a dreamlike getaway. The recycled Dream Shelter is a collage that uses the debris of demolished houses and buildings, discarded industrial material, tent canvases, tossed away furniture and rejected materials from the consumer society. (See more about the Panorama Shed project, here.)

As dreams become even more vital in a world under the influence of globalization, Panorama Shed promotes personal contact as it emerges offering vernacular platforms for informal meetings, exchanges and creativity. –Artist Statement

Josée Dubeau holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the University of Québec in Montréal and she has produced installations, drawings and videos during many residencies and exhibitions in Canada and abroad.  She was awarded the International Residency Grant at SPACE in London by the Canada Council for the Arts in 2010. She teaches drawing and sculpture at the University of Ottawa.

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