Mandy Stobo: ‘Bad Portraits’ & Mixed Media

Emerging artist Mandy Stobo has a double reputation. Her metier is these stunning street-art style mixed media works, which sell for up to $8,000. But she also has a skyrocketing business doing $100 “Bad Portraits,” garish watercolor paintings of basically anybody who asks.  (Above: I went to market and stayed for a bit./ Below: From a Macleans magazine feature on her kitchen-table portrait business)

A number of portraits have gone to celebrities, the result of her the Calgary-based artist’s growing rep on Twitter. (Read the full Macleans profile on the Bad Portraits, here.) But she remains focused on her brilliantly titled mixed media paintings, which merge text, chalk and highly saturated hues of paint.

At times I have wished that I was something else. Like a bird. Or water.

I reached right out there. But not much returned, 87 x 68 x 3 in

One, two, three. You should dance with me. (more than you do now), 92 x 118 x 3 in

I’m too tried to take care of you. (this isn’t really about you at all), 96 x 72 x 4 in

You Pout, 60 x 48 x 2 in

See more of Mandy Stobo’s street-art influenced neo-expressionism at Saatchi online, here.

Her website, here.

Bad Portraits site, here.

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