Mengnan Qu’s Contemporary Metalsmithing

megnan1It’s easy to see why Mengnan Qu’s vibrant jewellery designs are featured this month by the Ontario Craft Council. This recent grad of the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design amalgamates traditional Chinese elements with contemporary metalsmithing. These pieces tell ancient stories.  (Above: Borrow Tiger’s Fierceness)

megnan2Above: Thousand Gold for a Meal / Below: Blind Men Touch Elephant


In this body of work, I find important Chinese cultural traditions are very suprisingly in the development of my work, such as: Chinese shadow play; Chinese opera, and Taoist philosophy. –Mengnan Qu Artist Statement. See the Four-Word-Idiom Gallery on her website for more on these works.

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  1. I L-O-V-E it! I especially like the elephant. It was “shaped” as how the blind men described it after the touch certain parts of its body:
    The one who held its body said it is thick like a wall,
    The one who held its ear said it is big and flat like a hand-fan,
    The one who held its trunk said it is long like a snake
    and so on…


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