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Anne ten Donkelaar: Flower Constructions

Flower construction #97 (w:80 h:100 d:6.5 cm)

Netherlands-based artist Anne ten Donkelaar imagined “a big bang, a firework of flower seeds thrown into space . . . (where) nature seems to float” for her series of collaged Flower Constructions.

Flower construction #96 (w:80 h:120 d:6.5 cm)

These are three-dimensional collages created from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures. “Each element is meticulously placed on pins which create the depth,” she says. “Some of them are like a fantasy Herbaria, filled with dried flowers or branches, with irregular shapes and sophisticated twists and some refer to planets.”

Flower construction #56 (w:70 h:100 d:6.5 cm)

She cuts paper flowers and plants from secondhand books. Once the right composition is found, they get stuck with ‘insect pins’. Also dried twigs are incorporated in the collages. It is up to the spectators to make up their own stories to accompany these contemporary herbaria – exhibition notes, Coda Museum, where ten Donkelaar is on display in Paper Art 2019

Detail of a Coda Museum exhibition work
Flower Construction #100

Anne ten Donkelaar’s website, here.

Her Instagram, here.


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