Premiere: Sebastião Salgado’s Genesis

Salgado1The North American premiere of Genesis, famed international photojournalist Sebastião Salgado’s newest works, opens at the Royal Ontario Museum May 4 as part of the Contact Photography Festival in Toronto. (Above: Bryce Canyon National Park during a snowstorm. Utah)


Genesis is an eight year photographic expedition traveling to 32 locations around the planet, showcasing over two hundred hauntingly beautiful and provocative photographs aspiring to share the raw beauty of the landscapes, seascapes and people that have escaped the destructive reach of modern society. (Above: Nenets of the Siberian Arctic, Russia) -ROM exhibition notes.

salgado3The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska

salgado4Baobab trees. Bay of Moramba. Madagascar


Salgado calls the project his love letter to the planet.  There’s also a major (huge) book for the project.


The world premiere of Genesis was in London at the Natural History Museum April 9. In addition to the Royal Ontario Museum show, the Nicholas Metivier Gallery in Toronto is also exhibiting Salgado’s work, through May 25.

Born in Brazil in 1944, Salgado has worked in the medium of photography since 1973, covering major news events  and pursuing in-depth documentary projects. He has traveled to over 100 countries, including some of the most remote places on earth. Salgado refers to his style as “inside the circle,” often living with his subjects for weeks.

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    • The arctic images are stunning, I agree. He creates a very different aura than many of the “standard” arctic works I’ve seen. A whole different dimension.


    • Hi Marianne – Best I can tell you about the book is to click on the link in the post, which goes to Taschen. I don’t know where you live, but that would be a place to start. Incredible work, really. I agree.


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