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Andrew Emond: Night Water

Photographer Andrew Emond uses only the ambient light of the electrified city for this series called Diversions.  Done at night, these gorgeous works carry a luminosity that mimics daylight.  It’s part of Emond’s ongoing examination of  the effects that flood and erosion control systems have had Toronto’s network […]

The Take on Soviet windows

David Hlynsky shot 8,000 Hasselblad images on the streets of Communist Europe from 1986 to 1990, doggedly recording the banality of the Soviet Bloc.  Primarily store windows, the photos illustrate cityscapes “devoid of the trumped up and pumped up urgency” of the West. (Above: Military shirts, Moscow 1990)

UPDATED: Benning’s Dollhouse on Fire

Heather Benning’s life-size  dollhouse- a popular entry in last year’s Contact Photography Festival – is now a burned ruin. The western Canadian artist torched it, saying she plans an exhibition called Death of the Dollhouse.  See more on the WP blog ReadReidRead, where the story about Benning’s act […]