Mixed Media

Ann Beam: Making materials epic


Manitoulin Island artist Ann Beam, at La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, incorporates a variety of traditional and recycled materials in her mixed media works. Express Wagon (above), the same name as the show, uses a recycled child’s wagon, garden gate, prayer flags and plywood.

Beam-High Altitude Prayer-High Altitude Prayer, 84” X 108,” acrylic and recycled prayer flags, on canvas

Based in M’chigeeng, Beam’s world is strewn with spinning globes, glowing rainbow auras, star-filled skies, horses and caribou standing against backdrops of aurora borealis, contrasting with statement-pieces springing from the artist’s social and environmental preoccupations.  – Exhibition Notes

Beam-Study for Earth Incorporating-Earth Incorporating, 4’ x 6′ -recycled packaging and found objects, acrylic and canvas on panel

Beam - Do Not Drop

Do Not Drop (above) is typical of Beam’s  work with industrial cardboard, revealing its wavy, uneven innards to be covered with acrylic paint.  Many pieces make use of a window that “holds an alternate possibility, a threshold, a space that draws curiosity,” Beam says.

Beam-WindowNew Vision = New World, 40” x 60” – acrylic, photo transfer, canvas, recycled corrugated paper, birch bark and window, on panel

Ann Beam is also a writer, book designer, lecturer and Director of Neon Raven Art Gallery

See more on her website, here.

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