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Gabriel Campanario: Drawn to Seattle


If you had any doubt that sketching is a mainline art, look to the Seattle Museum of History and Industry. The work of sketch artist Gabriel Campanario is on display through May in a creative exhibition that informs the city about its own great places, spaces and experiences.


From food trucks to parks and bridges, the Drawn to Seattle show curates Campanario’s work from his award-winning Seattle Times blog, Seattle Sketcher.  He is also founder of the international Urban Sketchers group.

many formats

Artist Tina Koyama – whose own sketchbook is displayed in a gallery of Seattle Urban Sketchers – writes on her blog that the exhibition is more than just a peek inside Campanario’s and other books. The exhibit has “original pages taken right out of sketchbooks; intact sketchbooks mounted and framed; full-size facsimiles that you can page through; and huge reproductions on the walls.” (That’s a photo from her blog, above)


If you go web searching for more on Campanario or the exhibit, you’ll see that both have generated quite the buzz.  Rightly so.  Sketching is an art form with unique perspective – both on life around the sketcher and as the creative stage for further work.  Kudos to the museum for realizing that.

The museum website for Drawn To Seattle, here.

Gabriel Campanario’s online sketchblog for The Seattle Times, here.

His personal blog, here.

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    • I so agree with you, and there are so many other sketchers who kind of hide out because they feel they don’t have the same credibility as other artists. They sure do.


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