Caroline Larsen’s woven gardens

Larsen1Caroline Larsen continues to advance the technique of making her oil paintings look like tapestries. In a previous post (March, 2013 here), she focused on fire. Now, her woven paint subject is a Desert Garden (above).  Below: Garden Mound.

Larsen-Garden-MoundLarsen-Cactus-Still-LifeAbove: Cactus Still Life / Below: Cactus Landscape

Larsen-Cactus-LandscapeLarsen is on exhibit through April 4 at The Last Brucennial in New York, one in a series of high-profile shows scheduled in the months ahead.  The Toronto-based artist is working on her MFA at the Pratt Institute.  More information on the previous Art Junkie post, here.

Caroline Larsen’s website, here.

Her Tumblr, here.

Her Facebook, here.


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