Blake Little: Preserved in honey

HONEYPortrait photographer Blake Little drenched models in 4,500 pounds of honey for “Preservation,” a new book and exhibition at the Kopeikin Gallery in L.A.


The work of the L.A. based artist captures the warmth of the human form, although some of the images are unsettling. His models included a dog, a baby and an 85-year-old woman.


“When you cover someone in the honey, it has the effect of making them look like they’re in amber—that they’re preserved,”  the photographer says in a video about the work.  (See the video here – YouTube sign in required due to nudity.)


Blake Little’s website, here.

Biography, here.

More about the Preservation book, here.

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  1. Yeah, the dog and the baby are unsettling!
    I am assuming the 83 year old woman can think & speak for herself, so not unsettled about that.


    • It’s interesting about how squeamish we feel over the dog and the baby, although nowhere near how unsettled I get over a few of the other artists I’ve posted. I’m thinking of Jonathan Hobin’s Dark Childhood in particular . But in the end, they’re all spectacular art.


      • I just went there and see what you mean. I had commented at the time, and it was interesting to see what I had said.
        It’s like with the Street Art, everything is not a fabulous mural. Street Art is many things, and I am an equal opportunity presenter. I think you are that way, too!


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