Richard Johnson: Ice Huts

Ten years, 10 provinces, 1,000 photos is the way White Wall Gallery North is billing this exhibition of Richard Johnson’s work (April 19 through June 7, Toronto). These provisional shelters offer a colourful glimpse into the Canadian culture of Ice Fishing. Sheet metal, faux wood paneling, tarpaulins, peak roofs, modified camping trailers all fulfill the requirements for shelter.

Ice Village # 161, La Baie Des Ha! Ha!, Saguenay River, Quebec, Canada, 2016 – From the Series “Ice Huts” by Richard Johnson © 2007-2016 Richard Johnson Photography Inc

Johnson set out to record the particular styles and cultures of ice fishing in each province, with a goal of traveling to a province a year. Over time, he has noted variations of each region influenced by climate, landscape and culture. A sample of his new book on ice huts is part of the event.

Richard Johnson’s website, here.

A good media feature, here.

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