Quick Hits

Quick Hits – Tony Matelli

woman in the wind detail 3

In today’s Quick Hit, consider American sculptor Tony Matelli, who incorporates fruits, vegetables, cold cuts and other forms in his works, resulting in unorthodox objects that are both unsettling and comical. He works in marble, sandblasted concrete and painted cast bronze.

For this latest show, he uses . . . shapes from classical sculpture, with its connotations of history, culture and class, artificially aging them through various forms of distress, and bedecking them with hyperrealistic perishables – strawberries, romaine, a hot-dog sandwich cast in painted bronze – results in something that looks very old acting as support for something superbly fresh.  -Andréhn-Schiptjenko Gallery, where Matelli’s solo show runs through March 9, 2019.

See more examples on his website, here.

The gallery website, here.

Image: (Detail) Woman in the Wind, 2017, Marble, painted bronze, 68 x 31 x 18″

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