Fun with Clay

Berlin based artist Larissa Honsek creates these clay figures on her own time, collecting impressions from travel and everyday life. See the whole collection, posted online here.

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        • Well you’re definitely reading everything! So this week, I’m retiring the Global Art Junkie site that I’ve also curated since 2011. On that site, there’s a notice that all the global art posted over the years has been merged with Canadian Art Junkie (where you’ll now be able to see visual arts from Canada and around the world). Interesting of you to mention this, because except for changing this blog’s tagline (so it says Canada and around the world), I haven’t actually said anything on this blog yet about the merger. Thank you for the prod! I will do it over the next few days. ( is where all the international posts have come from.

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          • I forgot how I got to your Global Art Junkie site. I think I clicked on a piece of art… something and suddenly, I was at the other site, which said you were merging the sites. I think it will be easier to manage one site rather than two. Thanks for the link, I will take a look. My mother is from Florence, Italy, so always enjoy seeing what is coming from Italy. 🙂


    • Good question . . . if you go to her site, you’ll see she makes them in polymer, then the process shots show she conserves them digitally so you’re seeing the digital images of the hard-clay creations.


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