Mixed Media

Quick Hits: Medicine for a Nightmare

Toronto artist Nep Sidhu explores the resilience of Sikh communities through large-scale textiles and metalwork, including this 220-inch-by-108-inch tapestry which references the attack on the Sikh holy site the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab.

Medicine For A Nightmare focuses on Sikh culture, tradition, preservation and how memories are inherited and passed along. These themes are explored in the context of the 1984 massacre of thousands of Sikh people in India, known as the military-led Operation Blue Star –  Now magazine

Read more about the exhibition at Mercer Union, Toronto here.

Image: Nep Sidhu, Medicine for a Nightmare (from the series When My Drums Come Knocking, They Watch), 2019, cotton, wool, jute, zari, hair, steel (photo: Toni Hafkenscheid)

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