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Quick Hits: We the People

James Burke is an artist you should know. From London, England, he’s a co-founder of the creative hub Studio 7, an exhibition space in the heart of Shoreditch, a writer for the Huffington Post and a professional drummer.  He’s represented by Galerie LeRoyer in Montreal.

As a solo artist, he is best known for his MiniFigure series, garnering international acclaim for his wry observations about Western society, playing on our hopes, dreams and insecurities through everyday items, which in this particular case are LEGO MiniFigures -gallery notes

(Above: We the People, customized Lego figures and acrylic, 39 x 39″  Below: Detail We Could be Heroes, 48 x 90″)

James Burke website, here.

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      • You know they have beautiful castles, cities (Paris) that adults can build. If I had the time and a good space, I might just try to build something.

        My mother loved doll houses and bought one for the grandkids.They had no interest in it, so she started decorating it with things she would find at antique shops. It’s amazing what she would find. To make my Dad laugh, she found a small picture frame to go above the small fireplace. She took picture out and put a picture of my Dad there as if it were a portrait. SO FUNNY.

        Then our Italian friends sewed a small table cloth for dining table, darling pillows for the sofa, and the cutest curtains too.

        Being creative… well, it is FUN!

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