Mixed Media

Quick Hits: Transmigrification

AntroFish, Hydrostone, plaster, canvas and papers

Transmigrification, sculptures and paintings exploring both human and animal immigration, is on at the Port Moody, B.C., art centre March 28-April 25. Artist Pilar Mehlis has migrated extensively, making it a personal focus of her art. 

In the last few years I have been exploring ideas of immigration and migrations. The anthropomorphic forms: AntroFish (half human, half fish) and Ornithrope (half human, half bird) have become the perfect vessels for the exploration of these ideas. They serve as  “carriers” of all the things I associate with immigration and migration – Artist statement


Pilar Mehlis website, here.

Port Moody Art Centre, here.

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    • I so agree. I love her migration story and how she’s interpreting it. Also, in the video, she talks about how in Carneval, the costumes always end at mid-thigh so the legs are always on view, which I loved.


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