Kirsty Templeton Davidge

Black Leather and Trench, 2018, Oil on canvas, 44″ x 48″

Kirsty Templeton Davidge is a figurative painter rooted in the practice of noticing details – hands, clothing, body language. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts with Distinction from the University of Alberta in 2015 and was awarded numerous scholarships as well as nominations for both painting and sculpture awards. 

Crochet Hem, 2018

. . . there are no standard portraits in these works. Instead, she zooms in on small details: things like hands that enfold each other protectively or rest tensely in a young woman’s lap. There is honesty in these depictions. She shows freckles, unmanicured nails, the blue tinge of veins, the sort of minute flaws we often judge only in ourselves. – Review by Agnieszka Matejko

Sneakers and Rubber Boots

Her newest work features cropped perspectives of the human form where hands, backs and clothing items are the only hints provided to piece together faceless narratives.

Kristy Templeton Davidge’s website, here.

Peter Davidson Gallery which represents her, here.

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