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Quick Hits: Trinkets

Alphabet Soup, Shell Pieces, Shell Buttons, Plastic Buttons, Plastic Beads, Glass Beads

Chloe French creates these beaded necklaces from her village of Kake, in southeast Alaska.  “My grandmother is Tlingit and I am named after her: Sk.wein,” French says.  “We are of the Eagle Moiety, Tsaagweidi Clan (Killer Whale Seal Clan) and Yaax Aan Kowtl Tsexi Hit (The House that Anchors the Village).”

Her true passion, though is weaving: I am learning all the time I am weaving. I learn from my students, basket makers, other weavers, and from photographs and handling the old pieces. I have the sense of my hands being connected to all the Chilkat weavers who came before me, and to all those yet to come. –Stonington Gallery, which represents her.

My collection of trinkets, Glass, Plastic and Paper Beads

Stonington Gallery, here.


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