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Sketchbook Saturday – William Hind

What better way to look back to the Victorian era that we’re (still, inexplicably) celebrating this weekend (Victoria Day**) than to focus on these historic scenes by artist William Hind. He sketched Canada from sea to sea in the mid-1800s. These images are from Library & Archives Canada. (Above: On the Start from Fort Garry, June 1862)

Hind crossed the country before Canada became a country ( which happened in 1867) and faced the same risks all west-bound settlers did. (Above: Upset cart at Touchwood Hills, July 5, 1862)

William Hind’s story is covered in a podcast (transcript here) and involves many more drawings (in this album, here).  This July 1862 sketch is titled “R. spinning a yarn.”


Re Victoria Day: Now it is considered mainly a holiday to kick off summer, but it began as a celebration to honour Queen Victoria, the British monarch born May 24, 1819. The Canadian government declared the holiday in 1845. More info on Canada’s History, here.

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