Tom Haugomat: Thinking of Summer

With summer coming, it’s time to appreciate the stylings of Paris-based illustrator Tom Haugomat. He does extensive editorial work in print and online, and also works as an animated film director with Bruno Mangyoku.

The use of light and a cool pastel palette is reminiscent of American illustration from the 1950s and ‘60s.  “Whether it’s illustrating the curves of nature or the block symmetry of a big city, there is such effortless grace in what he does,” says the Handsome Frank agency, which represents him.

It’s easy to get lost in Haugomat’s endlessly creative portfolio. His commercial work, including for the Vancouver-based beer company Stanley Park Brewing is so interesting.  And his posters for California Avocados are especially summery (see the whole series here).

Haugomat’s sketchbooks are also delightful. See them on his Instagram, here.

Haugomat exhibits often, and his works appear regularly in high-end publications like Le Monde.

He’s also produced a number of books, including this one.

See more of Tom Haugomat’s work:

On Behance, here.

On Tumblr, here.

On Vimeo, here.


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