Collage: The Many Faces of Scott Bergey

 Scott Bergey describes his work as contemporary with a familiar retro feeling.  The southern Ontario based artist started painting as a hobby and today “builds from simple things – a piece of paper, a brush – but challenge myself to explore.”

He finds faces and expressions fascinating, and prefers painting people to landscapes and still-life.  Bergey’s sense of whimsy shows in the titles of his works.  Above: “The Many Faces of Insert Your Name Here.”  Below: “30 Short Hairstyles to Choose From.”

The variety of Bergey’s works in faces is extensive.  But he also does other subjects well.

"Chicken Legs" 24 x 24 mixed media collage on canvas

See more of Scott Bergey’s work at SaatchiOnline

Some of his earlier work is online at Anno Domini Gallery in California (scroll down the page)

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  1. hi Scott, I’m a friend of Russ Porter’s who you flew with.. Love to have you & your artwork participate in our Port Stanley & Regional Art Fair this Labour Day weekend! It’s a One-of-a-Kind show for professional & semi-professional visual artists… We have over10,000 artbuyers, tourists & locals in the village thru LD Monday … Please get in touch if you’re interested! And connect with Russ again or his wife Elizabeth Kusinski, she’s my co-organizer! Love your work!!!!!!


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