Mixed Media

Earth Day – Gavin Lynch

Honouring Earth Day today with work by Gavin Lynch, whose contemporary landscapes draw from environmentally aware fiction, art history, and nature itself. He focuses on climate change and the destruction of our natural environment.

Mondegreen Sea (Cast & Crew) 40×80″ Acrylic, watercolor and sand on canvas

A walk in the forest near his home in Walkefield, Quebec, sparks inspiration for Lynch’s surreal landscapes, so do photos, the internet and historical art. He uses these items to create digital landscapes, which he then re-interprets in paint on canvas.

Time Traveller 72×72″ Acrylic, watercolor and sand on canvas

“Lynch creates a layered and nuanced canvas that plays with the sculptural qualities of paint,” says Bau-Xi gallery which represents him. “His mixed-media compositions incorporate various applications including acrylic paint, watercolour, and sand.”

Flume 35×54″ Acrylic, watercolor and sand on canvas

Gavin Lynch Instagram, here.

Artist page at Bau-Xi Gallery, here.

Image at top of post: La Croissance, 24 x 36, Acrylic, watercolour and sand on canvas

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