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I’m a Canadian and I’m a junkie for the visual arts.

The site has been online since 2011, featuring painting, photography, illustration and other visual arts from Canada, and from around the world.

The painting on this page, by Emily Carr, a  favourite, is the quintessential example of art that many Canadians grew up with. Today, the selection goes well beyond Canada’s still-beloved Group of  Seven.

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About Me: I’m a journalist, traveler and art & music lover.  I grew up in Canada, trained in Chicago, lived/worked in the Toronto area and now reside half-time in Collingwood, the beautiful centre of south Georgian Bay.

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*Re Emily Carr’s painting, originally titled Indian Church (above).

In May, 2018, the Art Gallery of Ontario, which holds the piece, re-hung the painting with a new name because the word “Indian” causes pain, the AGO said.

The new name Church at Yuquot Village references the British Columbia Indigenous community where the church was located.

A CBC piece about the name change is here.

Image credit: Emily Carr, Church In Yuquot Village, 1929. Oil on Canvas. Bequest of Charles S. Band, Toronto 1970, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. Copyright Art Gallery of Ontario 2007


  • Christine Platt

    Hey, fantastic blog about Canadian art!
    I’m part of a curatorial team organizing an exhibition of contemporary Canadian landscape art taking place at the Xian Art Museum in China this summer. I wonder if I can email you more details to showcase on your blog?

  • Jean

    I’m just curious how you achieved the page that lists all your blog posts with a featured largish thumbnail photo. I like your new theme. By the way, do you ever plan to feature the late Doris McCarthy’s paintings? –she lived in Scarborough

    • boomerontario

      Hi Jean – Always great to hear from you. I hugely appreciate the suggestion on Doris McCarthy. She was on my list at the beginning, and then I kind of lost sight of her. I was actually planning another landscape post this weekend, so your prompt is perfectly timed. She’s coming up next. Probably today!

      As for the page with all the blog posts, I think you’re talking about the “all posts” link? Some themes make it easy to do this (my new theme for example) and some don’t. It’s a matter of designating the “posts” page under Settings, reading, front page, posts page. I find the WordPress.com forums extremely helpful. If you go to the forum for your own theme, and ask for help, someone will see the query and answer.

  • Alison and Don

    Oh I have enjoyed looking around! All the beautiful moccasin vamps, and Rebecca Belmore’s searing work. I’ll be looking around some more. I, like many, only really know of the Group on Seven, especially as I only moved to Canada as an adult.
    Thank you so much for visiting our blog, and for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    Blessings, Alison

  • Han

    Hello! My name is Han and I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m wondering if there is a way to contact you by email regarding a very exciting show I recently saw at Alison Milne Gallery. It’s a show by a very young Toronto-based artist, Val Sears, a recent OCAD graduate. It’s her solo show, called In Passing, and I believe it will be on till early November.


    Hope you enjoy her paintings as much as I do!

  • Ale

    Hola , my name is Alejandro and I am the director of the DoArt foundation in Montreal, I am reaching out to you because a muralist call Gaia from Baltimore is creating a wall outside of the Arsenal Gallery. Feel free to pass to drop by he will be here until Tuesday !!
    Cheers Alejandro.

  • michellecfecit

    no worries boomeron

    it’s no fun being under the weather
    when the weather outside is finally not so frightful!

    hope you’re feeling better.
    thx for the pin!

  • michellecfecit

    morning boomeron
    i’d like to invite you & any of your followers to
    OBO studio’s 1 year & counting anniversary party.
    the invite can be found on my blog or on the
    OBO Studio (cornwall, on) facebook page.
    the studio is located in the old Standard-Freeholder building.

    i’ll be reciting my poetry along with performances by others.
    standing room only, so the performances’ll be short & sweet!

    could you please add the invite to your pinterest page?!

    hope you can make it! michelle


    • boomerontario

      Hi Michelle – So sorry, didn’t see this until late tonight. (Bed, cold, flu last few days)
      I will indeed put it on Pinterest. Hope it’s a good event.

      • michellecfecit

        afternoon boomeron
        thought i’d share some of my poetry recital with you.
        some friends who attended OBO studio’s anniversary party
        said my recital is more like poetry slam although i’ve never taken
        part in one!

        hope you get the chance to visit.
        just click on the link of the newest post on my home page.


  • gonerustic

    I was born in Canada, but left for Australia when I was still at school, so missed out on Canadian art. Thanks you for bringing me up to speed! =D

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