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Canadian Painters

Quick Hits – Pirrie’s Mountains

David Pirrie is an artist who reveres the mountains, dating back to childhood scrambles with his brother in British Columbia’s coastal range on Vancouver’s North Shore. Stone Canvases, his latest exhibition, is at Ian Tan Gallery through March 30. As for the dots . . . “My use […]

Go Your Own Way

Who knows what lies ahead when you’re on a road trip? This series of paintings flows from the journeys of Vancouver artist Pat Service, recollecting the freedom of the open road, and getting lost and finding the way.

Eyeing Medusa

Multidisciplinary artist and musician Amanta Scott’s newest project – Eyeing Medusa – is a powerful and ambitious celebration of visionary women making a difference. Each painting’s title and story parallels a legendary heroine with a contemporary woman. Former Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella, for example, is paired with […]

Quick Hits – Finding Fakes

Maud Lewis has become a revered Canadian artist but her folk art works are now so popular that forgers have become a risk. (Above: Sandy Cove in Autumn ) The CBC has just published a fascinating piece on the risks of forgery for Lewis’s paintings, with info on […]

Ieva Baklane’s vibrant colours

Vancouver artist Ivea Baklane paints vivid colours and shapes with a vibrancy reminiscent of David Hockney. The Latvian-born artist, who has an MFA, comes from a family of artists, and exhibited in Riga, Berlin, Prague and Rome before immigrating to Canada in 2002.

Painter Mark Heine Wins Global Award

British Columbia painter Mark Heine has been awarded the Haynes Galleries Award, part of the most influential competition for contemporary realism in the world, with his painting Labyrinth (above). Heine, based in Victoria, is the first Canadian to win this title, and one of only nine artists selected […]