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Canadian Painters

Jenn Thornhill Verma: Newfoundland Outports

NOTE: This piece is from the Art Junkie archives, reposted because the serene images remind us of the stark difference in so many Newfoundland outposts after Hurrican Fiona in late 2022. Jenn Thornhill Verma is a writer, artist and Newfoundlander descended from fishers, with a book about the […]

Steve Coffey – Prairie Inspiration

Alberta-based Steve Coffey represents the full scale of a multidisciplinary artist. He’s been an integral part of the Canadian art and music scene for many years. He has curated travelling exhibitions, created large-scale public sculptures, taught college, and conducted workshops and art residencies. 

Lauren Crazybull: No Stereotypes

Lauren Crazybull, a 24-year-old Blackfoot and Dene artist, has become the Province of Alberta’s inaugural Artist-in-Residence, the first such position in Canada. Her personal artist mission is to accurately portray First Nations people, against their colonial stereotypes, as she does in her compelling portraits.