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Legends – Barrie Wentzell

The Legends Series by Barrie Wentzell, shot in the decade spanning 1965 – 1975, straddled  one of the most important decades in the history of popular music and social change. (Above – Led Zeppelin, 1970) The exhibition, on through June 17 at Howard495 gallery in Vancouver, brings together 100 of […]

AI Image Dupes Prestige Awards

Veteran German photographer Boris Eldagsen, winner of a Sony World Photography Award, has refused to accept the prize after revealing the winning photo was created using an artificial intelligence image generator. Eldagsen acknowleges he was a “cheeky monkey” for the incident, but is hoping the controversy will spark […]

Rosa Parks’ house rebuilt in Berlin

This is artist Ryan Mendoza, posing in front of Rosa Parks’ house in Berlin, where he’s rebuilt it just outside his studio, after moving it from Detroit. Parks is the civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama to a white […]