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14/150: William James Topley

Ottawa photographer William James Topley (1845–1930) was an important chronicler of people and events in Canada’s capital in the 50 years after Confederation.  In effect, he was Canada’s first celebrity photographer, recording Royal visits, Prime Ministers and the lives of leading citizens. But he also documented significant social issues, including immigration. For […]

The Simpsons – Fractured Language

Ottawa artist Danny Hussey was watching The Simpsons with his language-disabled daughter when the DVD froze, fracturing the image into pixels. The experience inspired a series of eight paintings called Signs of Language, exemplifying Hussey’s thoughts about the impermanence of technology and the scope of language.

Art of the Shed: Recycled Shelter

Installation artist Josée Dubeau collaborated on this urban alternative environment – a suspended cabin intended as a dreamlike getaway. The recycled Dream Shelter is a collage that uses the debris of demolished houses and buildings, discarded industrial material, tent canvases, tossed away furniture and rejected materials from the […]

Andrew King: Already a Storied Background

Ottawa artist Andrew King has an already storied background – as a syndicated cartoonist while studying at university in industrial design, then as a television animator and now, a rising painter. His bold colors, unconventional shapes and strong sense of humor have made him immensely popular, despite his […]

Deborah Margo: From Okeydokes to Salt Licks

Deborah Margo is about to have a prizewinning neighborhood project unveiled in Ottawa, a good time to revisit her fascinating previous installation art.  Twice, she’s worked with these sugar-based jawbreaker style balls in exhibits with names as fascinating as her work.  The first,  Giant Okeydokes 20085, consisted of […]