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Sketchbook Saturday: Watercolour Appeal

Oh the appeal of watercolours. These artists show how a sketchbook comes alive with depth and luminosity when the medium is watercolour.  Above: Sylvain Cnudde, a beach in Normandy, France.

A Dayton, Ohio department store shows like an abstract painting, by Flickr user M.B.

Watercolour captures the ambience of a scene. By Nicolas Doucedame.

The textures pop in this travel sketchbook by Laurence Duraffourg.

Jean-Paul Rivière sketched this on-site, in a double-page Hahnemühle Watercolour Book, then added the watercolour at home.

Watercolour sketch artists often have to paint around the bindings of their larger sketchbooks, a talent in itself.  This is by Geneviève on Flickr.

Done in a sketching group in Brittany, France by Alain Honorat Lefebvre.

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