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Sketchbook Saturday: Summer Festivals

Summer is usually crammed with festivals, small and large, music and arts. But in the midst of those crowds, and usually in the heat, it takes talent to capture the mood and detail of an event.  These sketch artists definitely have what it takes. (Click on images to see the originals)

This artist’s comment about a festival in Colorado (above), represents what many sketchers go through while drawing on the run: “Super hot day. Drew this while sucking down a fruit juice smoothie.”

What better way to capture the feel than with a digest of people.

Ukrainian artist Natalia Li describes a typical scene: “Lots of small 2-3 person planes were on display. And tons and tons of uncontrollable people gawking at them, touching, climbing, turning, pushing, checking, taking silly posing photos and selfies… And dozens of hyperactive kids screaming, running, and climbing the poor metal birds. Therefore, you see how I displayed people – faceless, bothering, and overwhelming. But man was it fun to sketch it all!”

Above: This is such a beautifully done version of a universal setting, in the shade, watching the whirl of the event, in this case, a Greek Festival, by Kathleen Jennings (here)

Watercolour artist Alissa Duke’s take on kids having fun at a book festival in Clunes, Australia. (See more on her blog, here) Below, at the Treviso Festival, in Italy, by the artist Lapin, a french illustrator based in Barcelona (website here)



And finally, look at the different styles from the same event, by the same artist, in these sketches from a Scottish Festival in Costa Mesa, California (Artist: Virginia Hein on Flickr, here and on Instagram, here.) Someone commented: “How can you do this live?” Her answer: “I draw as fast as I can…it’s very ‘hit or miss’!”


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