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Dominique Fortin’s Mues: Unique & Dreamlike

fortin1Toronto’s Thompson Landry Gallery showcases a collection of striking new work by Dominique Fortin, who creates in a unique, dream-like style full of fantasy and romanticism.   She focuses on themes of childhood, and how the fanciful imaginations of lost childhood have become found again in her own children. (Above: Le chant du cygne, mixed media on board 48″ X 72″ / Below:  Le grand jour – Mixed media on board, 48″ X 72″)


Fortin has found an artistic language that is unique; by adding text and various techniques such as gilding, image transfer and fabrics, each work is visually rich with layers of texture and room for multiple interpretations. These techniques and concepts allow Fortin to create pieces that not only echo her optimistic, romantic ideals but allow her to speak symbolically through her artwork. –Exhibition Notes

fortin3Mues II (diptych) – Mixed media on board – 48″ X 36″ – 48″ X 48″

fortin5Libre – Mixed media on board, 12″ X 18″

fortin4Union II (Corps-esprit) – Mixed media on canvas, 24″ X 30″

fortin6Chrysalide II – Mixed media on board, 48″ X 72″

Fortin’s new solo show is called Mues, (French for shed). She says the works “represent perpetual transformation, an ongoing process of skin changing. These old skins that are left behind are like physical memories of a being that once was but that is now transformed, different layers of a single person.”

Thompson Landry Gallery, which represents her.

Dominique Fortin’s Instagram, here.


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