Rock Therrien’s Fantastical Rounded Figures

Quebec Artist Rock Therrien creates amusing situations, using his characteristic rounded figures.  His new show opens April 12 at the Thompson Landry Gallery in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.

-La ligue de garage Mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 92

Being a true admirer of curves, Therrien will engrave circular motifs that he will ornate with signs and touches of abstract colors. Each canvas holds an impressive number of layers of various mediums. Therrien likes to leave traces of his layering technique, enabling the viewer to catch a glimpse of his tedious work. -Thompson Landry Gallery

-A la table Mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 72″

Many of Therrien’s characters evolve from another era and to reinforce the past, he creates a “used” look by sanding his paintings, which are already very textured.

-Prendre sa Place Mixed media, 18″ x 48″

-Airbus 364 60″ x 90″

The gallery says Therrien’ s paintings are “conceived as messages one must unravel. His paintings tell an untold tale that the artist strongly desires the viewer to discover. Many hidden treasures may be found in a Therrien painting.  As in real life, some will be quickly unmasked while others will take more time.”

Works at the Thompson Landry Gallery, here


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