Tag: Toronto

Caroline Larsen: A Painted Kind of Knit

Emerging artist Caroline Larsen’s new solo exhibition – Burning Up – resets perspective on the spectacle of a blazing vehicle. (Does the viewer see themselves as the arsonist, or the bystander who cannot help but marvel at the conflagration?)  But it is the woven paint technique of this […]

Hollerado’s CD Cover Painting Party

What a great example of the DIY creativity of this Juno nominated indie band.  Hollerado asked friends to a painting party to make 10,000 CD covers (and 2,000 vinyl) for their just released, White Paint. The base image was a stained glass window that lead singer Menno Versteeg’s […]

Memoir: Mikołaj Maciaszek

Mikołaj Maciaszek remembers his time as a small child in Poland in this visual memory series. The Toronto-based artist moved to Canada at the age of five, and now works in newspaper, magazine and comic book illustration.  I found these wonderful works while browsing for inspiration for The […]

Rachel Vanderzwet’s Exuberant Brushwork

  Rachel Vanderzwet’s exuberant brush work and powerful colors enliven the paintings that made her a winner in the emerging talent competition of  the 2013 Artist Project, running Feb. 21-24 in Toronto.   She’s one of 14 up-and-comers selected as an Untapped Artist for the increasingly popular show.

Steve Driscoll’s Urethane Innovations

Toronto-based contemporary artist Steve Driscoll has been free-pouring urethane for a decade, allowing the industrial material to mingle with paint for creations that flow and pool. Driscoll’s approach converts the standard Canadian landscape into a whole new expressionistic look.