Valentine’s Couple’s Therapy

Toronto artist Caitlyn Chisamore is featured on Saatchi online, part of the international gallery’s showcase of “Couples Therapy” in homage to Valentine’s Day.

The hands in her works are “meant to portray the effect that people have on each other, ”  becoming “a tool of understanding, reading each other like Braille.”

Above: Detail of Residue

Below: Impression

Chisamore focuses on “themes of attachment, interaction, connection and communication.”

Through the exploration of the painted figure, I am seeking to decipher layers of intimacy and connection through a personal lens.

The hands that are accumulating on the figures are a metaphor for human connection, contact and communication.

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  1. Your illustration of my story “Bixby” on the Prague Review is outstanding in so many ways. Thank you.


  2. Using hands as symbolism is an interesting idea. You could say that it’s through our hands that we interact with the world around us and manipulate that world. Our hands objectify what they come in contact with, because to them all things are objects.


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