Art of the Junos: Winning Album Covers

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is celebrating the covers of Juno award-winning albums through early April, including this one from the Parachute Club, winner of the 1987 award for best design.

Neon Bible, the 2008 winner, was the second album by Canadian indie band Arcade Fire.

The museum’s two special displays mark the 2012 Canadian music awards, whose nominees this year include Arcade Fire, Drake, Justin Bieber, and the Sam Roberts Band.

-Photo Credit:  Canadian Museum of Civilization

The first display showcases every Juno winner for album artwork since that category was introduced in 1975. The second presents both performance and candid photographs of Juno award nominated and winning artists, many of whom are now household names in Canada and around the world. –Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Looks (MSTRKRFT), design of the year for 2007

Will Ruocco Art & Design, 1975 winner

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  1. Weee! I only know Arcade Fire’s though. I have physical copies of all their albums, and I always enjoy and love their album inlays.


      • I know. It is sad, but hard to blame technology and you get really stop that tide of modern time. What I do hate is when pop music only put their faces on the cover so that their appearance is easily recognizable when you’re downloading their songs on iTunes. Shame that their glamorized images are used instead of art.


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