Amela Subasic’s Fresh, Layered Nudes

The lively lines and bold colors of Amela Subasic’s paintings, drawings and collages give her work a contemporary sensuality. (Above: Daydreaming, Collage, Ink, and Acrylic on Paper)

Subasic’s nudes attract the eye with strong contours and the juxtaposition of items collaged into place: a plate of oranges, newspaper, other layers.  (Above: Nude Before a Mirror, Collage, Pen, and Watercolour on Paper)

The Vancouver-based artist retains the ability to surprise in all her mixed media work.  She has placed a plastic mirror into the Girl Before a Mirror (above, oil on canvas).  Her male nudes are colorfully vigorous.

-In the Box, collage, ink and watercolor

Her drawn works are equally compelling.  (Above: Shriek, ink and pastel on paper)  Subasic also produces abstracts and has worked in wood and cement.  Born in Sarajevo of an architect father, she drew and painted from an early age. A graduate in fine arts, she lived in Belgium before immigrating to Canada.

Her website is here.

Her blog is here.

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