W. Stephen Cooper: The Play of Light

W. Stephen Cooper’s photography is focused on the subtle play of light moving across the wilderness, showcasing the architecture of the land.  Passage to Great Hall (above) is from a series on Hidden Passages, from the slot canyons of Arizona, captured in traditional fine-grain black and white.

Saguaro Spirit reflects Cooper’s fascination with The Southwest.  He also has extensively chronicled the architecture, art and environment of ancient people of The Canyonlands in many locations.

Doors, Aztec Ruin

Wilderness photography and ‘Ghosts & Relics‘ form a significant portion of his portfolio.

Cadillac Ranch

Escape Route

Cooper hand prints his photographs, which are then selenium toned for permanence, and archivally matted. His work has appeared extensively in newspapers, magazines and other publications.

W. Stephen Cooper’s website, here.

Biography, here.

I examine the textures and patterns which exist in nature, sometimes revealed in the low light of deep canyons, the coarse grain of ancient, long-dead trees, or the smooth rock on the shores of remote northern lakes

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