Silvia Taylor: Elegance in a Hot Shop

Gritty craftsmanship underpins Silvia Taylor’s elegantly finished glass works. Her artistry relies on electroplating, engraving and metal surfacing.

-Journey Vessels, Blown/engraved glass with copper surface. 2011

The ‘sculptural object’ at the top of this post, part of her Ogee series, is formed of glass, copper electroplated surface, and copper wire. It was made in a hot shop and later cold worked.

-Relic, blown form with engraving and electroplated surface. 2011.

Taylor is used to hot shops. While in the glass program at Sheridan College, she was selected for a residency at the prestigious Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. She honed her skills in a glass blowing studio surrounded by annealers, sandblasters, lathes, drill presses and furnaces.

-The Harbourfront hot shop.  Below: Ogee Cluster, Glass & Copper. 2011

Silvia Taylor website, here


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