Kathy Ruttenberg: Tales of the Earth

Earth Day is appropriate timing for a look at ceramic artist Kathy Ruttenberg’s edgy sculptures. Her solo exhibition, The Earth Exhales, is on at Stux Gallery in New York through May 5.

Ruttenberg’s tales in clay are enchanted, full of lush foliage, fantastical creatures and symbolic scenarios.

” My work is an expression of inner landscapes fueled by a need to understand, explore and excavate,” Ruttenberg says. “The subject matter is personal and universal as I strive to find the humanity in the absurd, and search to express the elements of profound emotional states that twist us inside and often put us in unpredictable situations. The tools for my work are fire, earth and emotions, this mix makes an interesting cocktail of allegory and symbolism with an odd twist of nature….”

Kathy Ruttenberg’s website, here.

Stux Gallery, here.

Kathy Ruttenberg’s Facebook, here.

Click on the images in this post for more information about each sculpture

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  1. The amazing level of detail! (and her website was worth every moment I spent not getting other things done)

    Your blog is a treasure. I’m so glad I follow you.


  2. Reminds me of a Scandinavian version of Pinocchio. A stop-frame animation/live-action hybrid film. Dark stuff with a barren wife who consequently anthropomorphizes a log, which then takes on life. At least I think it was Scandinavian, can’t remember the name.


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