Karine Demers’ Fresh Glass Art Designs

This former stained glass technician’s work features contemporary designs in blown glass, solid glass and fusion with hand-painted enamel. Quebec artist Karine Demers says she is “hypnotized by the flamboyant movement of glass.” (Above: Patched vases, blown glass with enamel. 2011)


-Paperweight, solid glass with enamel. 2011

Pleasing to both the eye and the heart, many of her pieces feature an engaging cast of characters. “I want people to take away a feeling of happiness and human warmth from my work,” she explained in a Niche magazine profile on her work.

-Hearts, sand cast glass


-Comic Strip vase, blown glass with enamel. 2011

Karine Demers’ website, here.

Her profile on Glass Art in Canada, here.

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  1. It’s so refreshing so see some interesting glass. I really like these and the images she uses.


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