Gabriela Garcia-Luna: Wallpaper as Photo Art

Wallpaper in an old house in a Canadian prairie city provided the images for Gabriela Garcia-Luna’s latest photo art, on exhibit at the Illingworth Kerr Gallery. (Above: On the way to Newfoundland)

The peeling paper in a house about to be renovated in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan suggested landscapes to Garcia-Luna, who photographed the walls, then layered the images digitally.  The works in her New Territories & Old Walls exhibit appear to be abstract paintings. (Above: High Trek 2/2; Below: Southern Mail)

“I found the walls very visually interesting. It was the last chance for those marks of time to be seen before the house was remodelled. What were these walls telling me about the passage of time in this spot?” -Garcia-Luna, interview,  Moose Jaw Cultural Centre.

-High Trek 1/2

The reality of the peeled, scraped walls and dissected paper is more starkly revealed in some of the works. Garcia-Luna, a well-known Mexican artist living in Canada, used Giclée prints on cotton paper.


-94 and 1/8

-Lemon Hill

The Alberta College of Art and Design and the Mexican Consulate in Calgary partnered to present the exhibit at the college gallery. Garcia-Luna was born and trained in Mexico, and has been living in Canada since 2008.

Gabriela Garcia-Luna’s website, here.




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  1. I used to wonder what could anybody in any medium do that’s new. Is it possible. It seems there’s always possibilities.


    • Yes, inspirational possibilities. And of course, there’s always the why-didn’t-I-think-of-that thing. But of course, with me, I don’t have that keen artist’s eye that finds opportunities like these.


  2. These are so beautiful to me because the walls are gone. Sometimes I take photos of my paint drop cloths, the record of the painting is there – then overpainted – and so on…


    • Me too, and I gazed at them a long time before I posted, because I was reminded of my great-grandmother’s walls at her farm when I once went back to look at the house. It’s very accurate and such a creative use.


      • As a photographer, I am always a bit hesitant to take pictures of 2-dimensional surfaces because of the fact that prints are, well, flat. However in reality some of the best pictures I have taken are of old decaying walls that make you want to pick at them like dried scabs…not that I pick dried scabs. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.


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