Peter Gumpesberger: A Mood of Stillness

Peter Gumpesberger’s travels have yielded a series of arresting images set to go on exhibit and sale May 3 in Toronto. (Above: “There’s No Place Like Home” – Wai-iti, New Zealand).

His images are often reflective and solitary and create a mood of serenity, stillness, reverence for nature, and its power. They can also reflect our human frailty and hopefulness. –The Art Connection Group, exhibition notes. (“Church of the Good Shepherd,” Lake Tekapo, New Zealand)

-“Havana Rooftops,” Cuba

-“Walking in Virgin Sand,” Death Valley, California

Gumpesberger’s father was an avid nature photographer who died before his son’s interest in photography fully took hold. Gumpesberger says he still follows his father’s advice on composing photographs, but not his hard-and-fast rules:  “I now realize there are no rules.”

-“Still Standing,” Bodie, California

-“Horse on Wharariki Beach,” New Zealand

Details of the exhibition here and here.

Peter Gumpesberger’s website, here.

  • All images courtesy of Peter Gumpesberger

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  1. The most impressive black and white image that Peter captured was of his beautiful dog “Benny: sitting on the stairs facing through the railings…


  2. ‘havana rooftops’ actually evokes the same emotion as
    the song ‘mirrorball’ by elbow that peter gabriel made a cover of.

    ‘you make the moon a mirrorball
    the streets an empty stage
    the city sirens violins
    everything has changed’


  3. he couldn’t have staged better sets to photograph!

    in ‘havana rooftops’ the three large steps in the foreground
    lead the viewer into into the composition right back to the
    central building in the background & right into the squander.
    even though they’re quite dilapidated the buildings have a
    grandeur about them, making us want to step right in!
    i wonder if there’s alot of hustle & bustle down on the street
    below ’cause we certainly don’t hear it in this shot.

    & ‘there’s no place like home’ anyone can go out &
    photograph a house, rolling hills with some trees to frame
    the composition but gumpesberger’s taken it to a higher level,
    another dimension almost. it’s sugar coated in its dereliction.


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