Panik & The ATG Gang in New York

Panik (Jack Murray) and other members of the famed British graffiti writers’ group ATG take their art to gallery walls in an exhibition called Silverlink at Klughaus  in New York.

If you follow street art, you’re probably familiar with both ATG (Ahead’a The Game) and Silverlink, former name of the above-ground line that crosses London from east to west and helped launch this group of writers, visual artists, musicians and DJ’s rooted in London sub-culture. This post is about founding member Panik (Jack Murray), but you can go here to see more about the other artists in the exhibition.

The group show will showcase a mix of photography, illustration, painting, collage and sculpture.

Klughaus Gallery, NY here.

Panik’s website, here.

ATG website, here.

Panik on ATG, here.

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  1. This is exciting work. Love the painted buildings. Having more space to work with/on seems to only enhance the work. Great!


    • Funny you should say that. When I browsed the works online, I was tempted just to use buildings, because they are so glorious. But it’s a gallery exhibit, and the pieces are not walls.


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