Luminato: The Encampment

Jenny-Anne McCowan and Thom Sokoloski have set up their outdoor art in New York and Ottawa before, but this version of their Encampment is on sacred ground. The 200 tents that form the exhibit are rising in downtown Toronto’s Fort York, to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. (Above: a previous exhibition, 2006)

-Via @ThomasGuinevere

For Luminato, launching June 8, Thomas+Guinevere’s tents are pitched at a historic site in the war waged by British, Canadian and First Nations troops against invading Americans.  Many soldiers are buried at Fort York.

-Via @abuddjohnson

Open evenings, with the tents lit up, the installation features artists, history buffs, architects and others overseeing interactive exhibits that tell bits of history, in this case with a focus on the civilian history of the War of 1812.  A good two-minute video is here.  Below: previous encampments in Ottawa (2008) and New York City (2007).

Thomas+Guinevere’s website, here.

Luminato Festival website, here.

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  1. The installation looks lovely at night and it is a great way to raise awareness of the invasion, something I don’t recall being mentioned in my American K-12 curriculum. Thank you for sharing.


    • That’s an interesting point about your American curriculum. A lot of us in Canada believe (rightly or not) that we know more about the U.S. than Americans do about Canada, but I think it also depends on where you live, in each country.


  2. Kayla Mae, niasunset, bulldogsturf & Catherine O’Meara – I absolutely share your views. It’s going to be a stunning installation. Going to see it myself at some point during Luminato. Thanks for your comments.


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